Your design in 10,000 stitches, sound like hard work?

We have a room full of embroidering elves happy to do the job..

Well we would have the elves but they are difficult to find and have a great union so we opted for state of the art computerised embroidery machines capable of delivering any logo or design to almost any garment and as our machines are on site in Cairns jobs can be turned around quickly.

Embroidery designs can run from a few hundred stitches in one colour to 1000's in many colours and that's because it's your design that's important. We can create your embroidered design from most professional image formats and for those designs only available in formats like .jpg .bmp your image can be re-drawn by our designer for a one off fee. If you're not sure if your image is suitable call us and we will be happy to advise you.

We can embroider onto all cotton based or cotton mixed fabrics, some fabrics such as polyester commonly used in sportswear are not suitable for embroidery, but not to worry we can still customise your garment using other methods such as dye sublimation or screen-printing.

We can embroider onto almost any fabric or canvas product, below are some of the most common products we embroider


Bags and backpacks



Bath robes


Hats and caps

Polo shirts





close up embroidery